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· 2 min read

🧙‍♂️ 🪄 ❮ ZI ❯ - A Swiss Army Knife for Zsh - Unix shell

Zsh DarkZsh Light

Designed to glue everything together. 🔗 | GitHub | Discussions | Localize

⚡️ Fast and feature-rich

✴️ 🌀 Meta-plugins installs a group of complex plugins via a simple label, curated and optimal settings which are automatically applied.

✴️ 🌀 Packages offloads from complex configurations and stores them as an easy swap & share profiles.

✴️ 🌀 Annexes are extensions that are installed when required to provide additional functionality, and capabilities.

✴️ 🌀 Turbo mode yields 50–80% faster Zsh startup - one likes to wait 🙇‍‍♂️

🥵 Currently biggest issue is that it seems to be too complex for new users and recently made some adjustments which are now starting to provide the results.

☑️ Neat and flexible

✴️ 🏗️ Customize the paths, use 🥷 multiple prompts in the same sessions by setting the triggers or create 🚩 your own plugins to simplify or improve the routine.

✴️ Supports Oh My Zsh and Prezto plugins and libraries. (♻️ migration).

✴️ Does not use $FPATH, loading multiple plugins doesn't clutter $FPATH with the same number of entries, e.g: 10, 15, even, or more.

✴️ Code is immune to KSH_ARRAYS and other options, which typically cause compatibility problems.

✴️ Does not require sudo, and provides many ways & workarounds to set up a clean and safe environment. e.g: setting so-called shims locally.

If there is something that is not supported yet, I am pretty confident that if there will be reasonable demand - it will be implemented. 🔨

📈 Familiarize and control

✴️ Quickly familiarize oneself with a new plugin and provides rich and easy-to-digest information that might be helpful on various occasions.

✴️ 📥 Load, 📤 unload plugins when required, use the ability to 🧙‍ manage completions.

✴️ Docker 📊 playground to test, view, or propose configurations.

✴️ 💫 Gallery of the user favorites.

Is only limited to your own 🤦‍♂️ imagination… 🧙‍‍♀️ We need the support to make it better and more approachable to new users, become a 💞 friend of the DEV 💞, and more ☁️ cloud-native ☁️.