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🌀 Default Ice


An annex delivers the capability to set default ices for the next zi command. It adds subcommand: default-ice which has the following synopsis:

—— default-ice --help/-h --clear/-c --show/-s --get/-g --quiet/-q --stats/-t—— default-ice ice1'value1' ice2'value2' Description: --help/-h  →      this message --show/-s  →      show the currently set default ices --clear/-c →      reset the default ices --get/-g   →      return the current ices in Reply hash --quiet/-q →      hide all messages --stats/-t →      show some statistics

Install Default Ice

Simply load like a regular plugin, i.e.:

zi light z-shell/z-a-default-ice

Usage with Zi

zi default-ice lucid from"gh-r"# Will download from gh-r and also use the lucid ice by default.zi wait for \  sbin        junegunn/fzf-bin \  sbin"**/pk" peco/peco

The wait ice cannot be made default by using this subcommand.