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🌀 Unscope

An annex allows the installation of plugins without specifying the GitHub user name, as follows:

  1. On the installation of a plugin without any slashes (/) in its name the annex will query the GitHub API searching for */{the-name}, sorting on stars.

  2. It first requires at least 10 forks on the candidates, then 2, then 0.

  3. After finding the best result it sets it as the full remote-id of the plugin, storing the ID on disk for later automatic use.

  4. For security, for such GH-API request to be made a newly added (by this annex) ice: ghapi is required to be given.

  5. Otherwise only the static database of mappings of short-plugin nicknames to the full scoped IDs will be searched. It contains many mappings, like, e.g.: vi-reg → zsh-vi-more/evil-registers, and some of the popular plugins, like, e.g.: zsh-syntax-highlighting → zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting and more.

Static mappings​


Fill request to add new repositories with scoped IDs.

Besides the GitHub-API querying, there's also a fixed, curated list of mappings of short names to the full GitHub IDs:

Short (Nick-) NameGitHub ID / scoped ID
null z-shell/null
z-a-readurl z-shell/z-a-readurl
readurl z-shell/z-a-readurl
rdurl z-shell/z-a-readurl
z-a-patch-dl z-shell/z-a-patch-dl
patch-dl z-shell/z-a-patch-dl
z-a-submods z-shell/z-a-submods
submods z-shell/z-a-submods
z-a-rust z-shell/z-a-rust
rust z-shell/z-a-rust
z-a-bin-gem-node z-shell/z-a-bin-gem-node
bin-gem-node z-shell/z-a-bin-gem-node
bgn z-shell/z-a-bin-gem-node
meta z-shell/z-a-meta-plugins
metaplg z-shell/z-a-meta-plugins
meta-plugins z-shell/z-a-meta-plugins
archive PZTM::archive
arch PZTM::archive
directory PZTM::directory
dir PZTM::directory
environment PZTM::environment
env PZTM::environment
utility PZTM::utility
util PZTM::utility
fast-syntax-highlighting z-shell/fast-syntax-highlighting
f-sy-h z-shell/fast-syntax-highlighting
fsh z-shell/fast-syntax-highlighting
history-search-multi-word z-shell/history-search-multi-word
hsmw z-shell/history-search-multi-word
zui z-shell/zui
ZUI z-shell/zui
zconvey z-shell/zconvey
zconv z-shell/zconvey
zbrowse z-shell/zbrowse
zzcomplete z-shell/zzcomplete
zzcomp z-shell/zzcomplete
zzcom z-shell/zzcomplete
zsh-autosuggestions zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions
autosuggestions zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions
autosug zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions
asug zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions
z-asug zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions
zsh-syntax-highlighting zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting
z-sy-h zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting
zsh-autocomplete marlonrichert/zsh-autocomplete
autocomplete marlonrichert/zsh-autocomplete
autocomp marlonrichert/zsh-autocomplete
aucom marlonrichert/zsh-autocomplete
acom marlonrichert/zsh-autocomplete
z-aucom marlonrichert/zsh-autocomplete
z-acom marlonrichert/zsh-autocomplete
zsh-autopair hlissner/zsh-autopair
autopair hlissner/zsh-autopair
aupair hlissner/zsh-autopair
aupa hlissner/zsh-autopair
z-aupa hlissner/zsh-autopair
evil-registers zsh-vi-more/evil-registers
evil-reg zsh-vi-more/evil-registers
vi-reg zsh-vi-more/evil-registers
vireg zsh-vi-more/evil-registers
vi-motions zsh-vi-more/vi-motions
evil-mot zsh-vi-more/vi-motions
vi-mot zsh-vi-more/vi-motions
vimot zsh-vi-more/vi-motions
vi-increment zsh-vi-more/vi-increment
evil-inc zsh-vi-more/vi-increment
vi-inc zsh-vi-more/vi-increment
viinc zsh-vi-more/vi-increment
vi-quote zsh-vi-more/vi-quote
evil-qte zsh-vi-more/vi-quote
vi-qte zsh-vi-more/vi-quote
viqte zsh-vi-more/vi-quote
directory-marks zsh-vi-more/directory-marks
evil-dir-marks zsh-vi-more/directory-marks
vi-dir-marks zsh-vi-more/directory-marks
vi-dirma zsh-vi-more/directory-marks
vidirma zsh-vi-more/directory-marks
fd sharkdp/fd
shark-fd sharkdp/fd
bat sharkdp/bat
shark-bat sharkdp/bat
exa ogham/exa
zsh-completions zsh-users/zsh-completions
completions zsh-users/zsh-completions
comps zsh-users/zsh-completions

Install unscope​

Add the following snippet in the .zshrc file:

zi light z-shell/z-a-unscope

This will allow scoped IDs to be searched and resolved.