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⚙️ ZPrompts


Zsh themes (prompts) that use original Zsh theming subsystem.

The previews demonstrate:

  • ability to change prompt’s colors and other traits (original Zsh feature)
  • information on the age of unstaged changes
  • list of oldest unstaged modified files in the repo (3 files, starting from the oldest)

Install Zprompts

Add the following to your .zshrc file with preferred theme e.g:

zi nocd for \
atload'!promptinit; typeset -g PSSHORT=0; prompt sprint3 yellow red green blue' \

Please submit your prompt if you find a time to write the prompt_NAME_setup file.

Help for the prompts

Each prompt has its help available, e.g. for the theme scala:

prompt -h scala
This prompt is themable. You can invoke it in following way:
prompt scala <prompt, default is ":: "> <prompt color> <path color> <vcs info color>
You can provide only N first arguments, N=1..4.
The default invocation is: ":: " cyan cyan magenta